Hello! And welcome to the blog.

If you’ve navigated here, you clearly want to know what myself (and likely this blog) is about. Let me tell you about myself first. If you think you know the basics of “me,” I won’t be giving out any dirty secrets or anything like that in my “bio” so you can skip it if you’d like, down to the reason I’m starting this blog. (denoted by the “more” bar)

Anyway, myself… I’m the dude on the far right of the picture (yeah, I chose a flattering one). The two of them are pretty important in my life as they both attend Lakehead University with me in Thunder Bay, Ontario!

I came up to “the Bay” in the fall of 2014, after taking a year off from schooling after graduating high school. Currently I am in my second year of a 5-year high school teaching program, physics being my first teachable, and maths my second. I love it up here, and have made a ton of new friends to supplement the amazing group I left back home in Hamilton. I love my program, and enjoy the city in general. Apart from being my city in which I’m studying in, it offers a lot to my interests; music (especially the live variety), cooking, drinking beer, camping and being outside, and other recreational sports.

Aside from that, I am also an aspiring vegan, although to date I have only dropped eating pork and drinking cows milk, and have cut back on the general amount of meat and dairy I eat. My girlfriend and some other friends are my aspirations, along with the obvious ideals of animal rights and environmental consciousness.

I don’t claim to be a genius, but I would classify myself as intelligent. I tend to avoid conflict if it’s unnecessary, and am very open-minded. I am not without my faults, however. I tend to be stubborn sometimes, and don’t like to be proven wrong. I have a slight addiction to social media (the unproductive kind), and spending money on food, just to name a few. I am working on these though!

So anyway, I hope this wasn’t too wordy and got the point across. This is about all you need to know about me; I will let my posts and pictures speak for themselves and you can see myself through any tint of glasses you like. All I ask is that you are respectful, not ignorant, and open to new ideas.

    As of now (March 3, 2016), it is mostly an experiment. I don’t know if or for how long I’ll be keeping up with it. I think it will on depend on how much I get back from it, as I am not doing it just as a time-burner; I seem to have enough of those already. I have heard good things about the positive dividends that blogs can offer; improved writing and imaginative skills, explore my hobbies and ideals, and a place to express my ideas and thoughts and reflect on them, hopefully to be able to organize and refine them, and refer to them in the future. The upkeeping of this blog will likely depend on to what degree I feel that is satisfies these dividends. If I ain’t gettin’ anything from it, it ain’t worth shit.

Perhaps in a few months or so I will take inventory of the blog and write a post about it, and explain to you folk what I think about it! Stay tuned.

So yeah, thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little! If you want to introduce yourself for whatever reason, or just want to discuss something on the blog, feel free by any means available to you! Teach me something!

Be well,

Jacob DePodesta